Project synopsis.
Graphic map of Town Lake in Austin, TX.
Card design.
The front and back of a card.
A visitor from Detroit who came to Austin with the sole purpose of paying tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.
This first person I approached to answer a question happened to be a former UT Art student.  His abstract answer to  “what I see here:” encouraged me and gave me confidence in the questions.
Abstract answer to the "what I see here:" card.
A dog and woman (writer) missing their companion, "Attila," whom they had just lost a day prior to this photo.
Urban Stories ATX wordmark.
Urban Stories ATX color scheme.
Collected cards.
The installation at Town Lake.
Close-up of installation.
A man reading the "stories" as part of the installation.
A response from an Austin landscape architect.
A card within the installation against the backdrop of the city and a blind bassett hound.
Cards and dogs. A matching couple in the bottom right photo.
The card on the right was written by one of several friends who traveled to Austin to see their friend perform at a renowned Austin venue that night.
A variety of answers to questions.
I sketched every time I was at the lake, as that was key to the observation component of the project.
People from Gothenburg, Sweden, where I visited this past summer.
Graphic words taken from a response.
Urban Stories ATX website.
Instagram page on the Urban Stories ATX website.
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